Sunday, August 29, 2010

And so...

And so, Sally can wait...

And so, these few days, past memories kept comin back to me...
I was waiting to go back at the front of the mall, where suddenly I feel the breeze. It reminded me of when I was bout 9? or 10? not very sure
I was at the beach, with my cousins, we were all so young.
Looking at people riding horses, pretty brown horses,
Kites high up in the sky,
Some building sand castles and watnot,
I would always love to get the corn, cause they put lots of salt
And, one of the best,
People were competing at the sea with their speed boats.

And so much memories,
I remember I went for my cousin's bday bash few years back.
It was dark.
My buddy, got me along, both of us, dramatically, shouting standin on those rocks,
shouting wat, " to get 7A's for pmr" XD ahhahaha

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