Friday, August 13, 2010


Now. I feel proper holidays. HAHAHA. Oh wellz. It feels like end of 2010 already. Tho its still far away. I feel as if I could list out the summary of this year. And thought that "whoa, this is fast! i remember blogging bout my 2009 summary". Oh btws, finally A lvls is GONE. gone you. go. i don't wana see you anymore. And Thank God, I can finally now step to the next level. Tho my results aren't good, but thank God still. And yea, friends, are flying everywhere. Everyone is everywhere now.

Jan: tryin to get back into track becuz a2 gona start
Feb: cny. study. trip. back to subang. study.
March: wasnt much but just studyin for trials
April: study for trials
May: study for a2
June: a2. prom.
July: do nth
Aug: saw results. FAINTS. lol.
It's weird... before I open my results... the days before ... i was so calm... open results oso calm... saw results... calm... after that.... CALM... tho i was a lil' sad... but still calm... this is just not right...

Last year, during dec 2009, I was wondering, how was I gona survive this 6 months of scares*. And worst thing, I lost weight a lot. Bout 6kg? Wonder how I did that? Oh wellz. Im havin writer's block la. So, i think this whole thing won't sound linked.

And Uncle David is getting married this month. XD

To Jia Qi, if you'reading this, i miss you.

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