Friday, November 26, 2010

a reason

Somtimes the worst thing that ever happened to you could be one of the most encouraging thing for you to start off. Recent world updates are deaths, heart breaks, rebels and you can name it without anyone to mention it. To clear up your head, its good. Things will never be the same, all the time. You will never get what you want all the time. Don't be fooled. Don't be fooled. What you see, what you've been listening or observe, may be the total opposite of what you expect all the while. Well, who hasn't experience that? Life is nothing is wrong. But why are we here for? That will be the dumbest thing ever said. We're here for a reason. But why here for a reason? I believe, however, despite that reason, at times, one would have to deal with it without knowing a reason. It's like doing an equation when you don't know why actually letters actually exist and you go backwards.

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