Friday, June 17, 2011

come on'. if u're reading this, probably most of you just go to God for something. Reality check. Why do u want to pray to God? Because you need something. I admit I did that. And Pastor Sam said, dont make God. Let's love God for who He is. I'm gonna do that. This is a testimony not to be forgotten. I will surrender all to Him. Love is not boast. Love does not envy. Love rejoices with the truth. God is love.

Let us just let it all to Him. From from the beginning till the end, He made us. He will be with us. I know He won't let me fall. Even if it kills me so much, I know, He won't let me fall. He gives me strength. He gives me love. Overflowing love. More than a well can imagine. More than ocean. More than mountains. I can't describe. BUt most of all, give glory to God.

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