Tuesday, August 30, 2011

" i understand, i understand" , slowly she walked out the door of that quite empty wooden house.

Amy, looked up in the blue blue bright sky, where the world still turns around while her life is doomed.

There's one tiny bit in her heart where she still hopes. Hoping that things would be better.

Amy walked out of that house. While walking, she saw some kids playing football, a father washing his car and his wife flowering the flowers.
The gardener cutting and shaping the plants.

Amy thought to herself, what do I do? Life's so meaningless. I have no hope anymore. Maybe I'll find a miracle throughout this street.

She walked aimlessly, hoping to find something that could cure her heart.

So where did Amy live all these while?

Years past by. Amy is now 50. Looking back at the above paragraph was what she was. Hopeless. Trying to suicide. Nothing even mattered anymore from then on.
However halfway her walk down the street where she saw the gardener, he asked " Young woman, why you looking so sad?"

And there, it was then her life changed.
You won't understand why this gardener put such a huge impact on Amy's life.

These are words to be shared with you guys and girls today

You are worth.
God handmade you in your mother's womb.
You're destined to do something,
there's a purpose worth living for.

Something which one have to accomplish.
And there's when, life with a meaning came for.

What are you living for?

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