Wednesday, November 27, 2013

well, we all fall in love.
get heart broken.
then thinking we will never love another this much again.
then we fall in love, again.

this cycle.
goes on and on.

one thing i don't like and yet love it is falling in love.
it makes us need and want another.
so badly.

and we care so much.
showing that we are human?

sometimes, you go somewhere,
meet new people,
fall in love again.

having to know that you may be apart some time later
and not knowing when you gonna meet again.

having to know that well yea airplane is the solution. but

i don't like that i have feelings.

but what's the point of living with no feelings.

the thrill, sadness and all.

but i just liked the times where i was younger
the days where i don't give a shit in the world
that there's no problems
and i don't know what real problems are
rather romance
and i don't even know

this may sound so bullshit but
im sure all of us feel this way some point in our lives


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